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Drummers Rick Marotta and Jerry Marotta have joined forces to unite as The Marotta Brothers Band. Originally intended as a one-off doing a summer residency in Martha’s Vineyard. Having managed to survive the summer without killing each other, the brothers are looking towards future projects.

In addition to the Marotta brothers the band also featured several Martha’s Vineyard resident musicians. Fronting the band on vocals is Joanne Cassidy. While the family theme is rounded out by father/daughter combo Jon Zeeman and Zoe Zeeman on guitar and bass, respectively.

Brother Rick recorded/performed with Steely Dan, James Taylor, Carly Simon, John Lennon, Warren Zevon and many more. He’s also responsible for composing the theme song for “Everybody Loves Raymond”.

While younger brother Jerry Marotta played with Peter Gabriel, Indigo Girls, Hall & Oats, Sarah McLachlan and Paul McCartney. Currently Jerry plays with Security Project, The Fragile Fate and Reelin’ in the Years. When he’s not recording or performing live Jerry manages Dreamland Recording Studio.

The future look promising for the Marotta Brothers as they plan on more live shows and possibly an album.

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Photo by Jerry Lofaro