Most of these videos were a collaboration with Doug Hatley. I was either involved in the concept and/or filming of the videos. Doug handled the production and editing. Except for Trey Gunn’s Gig Performer promo and the Security Project videos, those were edited by me.

Happy Rhodes – 100 Years

Security Project – On the Air
Trey Gunn – Gig Performer Promo
Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta – Soul Redemption
Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta – Wild Moon
Deep Energy Orchestra – Mysterious World
OGD – Young Love/Outland
Security Project – Slowburn
Keaggy, Levin, Marotta – Sometimes 11
Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta – Rio
Security Project – Humdrum
The Fragile Fate – Rolled Over
OGD – Scary Night

Sony Music Promo Recaps

As a marketing rep for Sony Music, I started a trend of creating video recaps for our artist promotions. Here’s a sample of some of the promos I was involved with. In addition to filming and editing the videos, I produced most of the signage that was used for the events.

Tenacious D – Amoeba Performance
Phil Lesh – Tower Records Signing
Chris Botti – Performance & Signing
Incubus – Tower Records Signing
Mandy Moore – Sam Goody Signing
Anastacia – National Anthem