Lamont Van Hook

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As a young child, Lamont was constantly surrounded by music and musicians who would play a great role in shaping his unique musical style.

Born into two families which boasted musical talents both studied and natural, Lamont reflects,”I don’t think that I had much choice in the matter, my family says that they always knew what my career choice would be and deep down I guess I did too.”   Lamont received much of his early training in his family church and by watching many of his family members “Do Their Thing”.

A San Francisco Bay Area Native, Lamont began appearing professionally at age 14 as a drummer in a local R&B top 40 band. His recording debut came at about the same time, but in the gospel music genre.

Lamont continued his musical efforts in the Bay Area until being accepted into Howard University in Washington, D.C., where his talents were further developed. “I think Howard (university) is where I learned to be myself and to trust myself musically”, he adds. Lamont recorded two albums with the Howard University Jazz Ensemble which featured two of his original compositions, one of which was nominated for a national young composers award. Other achievements during his tenure at Howard University include performances at the John F_ Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts with Patti LaBelle, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder among others and being selected as Student of the Year (Jazz Studies) during his Junior year of matriculation.

After graduating from Howard University, Lamont eventually settled in Los Angeles where he continues to develop his musical skills. Between performances in night clubs, local churches, recording sessions and the world’s stages, he has managed to create a musical style that is unique, yet not totally unfamiliar, which allows the listener to be immediately drawn into the song-picture being created. “It’s all about communication” Lamont adds, “If I can’t make you feel and understand the message, then I’m not doing my job”.

After recording and touring with Rod Stewart, in addition to performing, touring and recording with StingPhil CollinsDiana Ross and Kenny Loggins among others, Lamont has decided to follow his passion and commit to his solo career.

Lamonts’ solo arrival is now on the horizon and he is ready to be received as singer, songwriter, musician, actor…Artist.