“Rio De Janeiro” by Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta

“Rio De Janeiro” by Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta from the Soul Redemption album.

This video was produced and edited by Doug Hatley with video footage filmed by A.J. Chippero.

I spent a week on the road with the Security Project and on the final night of my run with the band we filmed two videos with Flav Martin at the Jupiter Hall in Albany, NY between the soundcheck and the show.

Trey Gunn, Michael Cozzi and Talia Denis agreed to play along with Jerry and Flav. The album was mixed by Cozzi and he was very familiar with the songs. Despite Trey and Talia never having heard the album they stepped up and gave us a great performance.

Tony Levin played bass on the album, so it was only fitting to have Trey fill in for Tony.

Due to lack of time, we filmed only two takes of this video. The backdrop was the same stock footage we used for the Fragile Fate’s “Larger Rooms” video and it was projected on stage for the Security Project during the Peter Gabriel classic “Slowburn”.