“Soul Redemption” by Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta

“Soul Redemption” by Flav Martin & Jerry Marotta from the album of the same name.

Video produced and edited by Doug Hatley with direction and assistance from A.J. Chippero.

Jerry sent me some footage of him and Flav in Dreamland Recording Studio miming to the song. the video quality was the greatest and I struggled to figure out what to do with the footage. We used Doug for The Fragile Fate videos but I wasn’t sure if his style would work with what I had.

While on a call with Jerry, I had a though go off in my mind and I told Jerry “I want to make that bird dance”. I contacted Doug and told him I wanted to make the bird on the cover, Wilton, dance to the music.

After a good month of photoshopping Lucy Krupenye‘s sculptures that were used for the album cover, we finally had a video ready. The result reminded me of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” video and I’m really proud of the animated work Doug did to make the album cover come to life.